Ixchel Mayan Goddess

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Ixchel (ee-shell) is the ancient Mayan goddess of childbirth, fertility and, healing.
She is associated with bodies of water like the ocean, lakes, rivers, creeks and, streams where it is more likely to see rainbows and her beautiful sparkling light.
Like many goddesses of the world, she represents the three stages of a woman’s life- maiden, mother and grandmother.
She is worshiped by many people along the Yucatan Peninsula, so much so that Mayan women have been known to embark on long journeys to her shrines in order to gain favor for theirs pregnancies.

Ixchel Maiden

Ixchel the Maiden is the ancient Mayan goddess of fertility, weaving and childbirth. The serpent on her forehead signifies that she is the goddess of medicine and intuition.  She is responsible for conception and the gender of the baby.

Ixchel Mother

Ixchel the Mother Maya goddess of fertility, motherhood and the moon. She was considered to be the mother of all Maya people, and every young woman made a trip to the temple of Ix chel at least once in their lifetime. She rests on a crescent moon, which represents the cycles and phases of a woman’s reproductive biology.  Ixchel is also holding onto the Mayan symbol for fertility, a rabbit.

Ixchel Crone

Ixchel the Crone Maya goddess of Medicine and the moon.  This is the elder phase of Ixchel, which again has her adorned with the serpent, symbolizing medicine, intuitive/spiritual knowledge and a show of her control over earthly forces.